Daytona Beach 2013

College BeachFest is “the” place to be this Spring season! This event is the ultimate non-stop beach party experience in Daytona Beach Florida. Whether walking the strip, clubbing, hanging out on the beach, or meeting new friends, you are guaranteed a fun time!

Daytona, the former host of BET’s Spring Bling and Black College Reunion, will be filled with plenty of HBCU students from across the nation, along with appearances by celebrities and socialites.

Spring Bling has been absent and considered dead for the past 3 years. College BeachFest will definitely fill the void for Spring Bling and Black College Reunion. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. The dates have been set, plans have been finalized, and party-goers from across the nation will convene in Daytona Beach for a memorable weekend! You don’t want to miss this event! Reserve your package today!

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