Promotions & Marketing is Key to Making you an Industry Icon.

 We are bringing the Music industry (HOUSE MUSIC, HIP HOP, ROCK AND ROLL) and the Adult Entertainment World together under one roof.


Adult Art, Fashion, Lingerie, Entertainment and Music

A B2B “company” specifically with networking opportunities in the adult and fashion industries and has separately divided sections for: (1)wholesale buyers, (2) retail consumers, (3) tattoo, body painting & fetish artists, (4) model & talent search area, (5) discount novelty items through general merchandise, (6) strip club row where adult club owners can network with adult entertainers also working with House Music and Hip Hop for high net worth clients and wholesale buyers, as well as a Celebrity judge panel that brings in a high attendance for adult fun in the Art, Fashion, Lingerie and Music arenas.
All Wholesale Buyer lists that our vendors suggest and send to us, as well as our personal database will be getting a FREE PROMOTION directly from us, to assure that the wholesale buyers mix, and network with our wholesale community. We invite these lists of wholesale buyers from across the World for a free promotion, as an incentive to our wholesale clients, as well as incentive to our buyers, we will be providing educational forums via phone 24 hours a day.
As for retail consumers, we also have a separate, marketing strategies for novelty items and merchandise, working with Celebrities to promote, we will bring in a mass consumers. This will allow the retail community to be separate from the wholesale sections; however, be able to interact at a B2B capacity throughout the year.
Strip Club owners can seek and fulfill networking with dozens of strip clubs from across the globe, and also with adult entertainers from around the adult film industry. Strip Club owners need strippers and adult acts to bring in a big crowd, and adult stars like to utilize strip clubs from branding. Now it’s time to combine networking, business, and partying.
Adult entertainment stars can fulfill all networking capabilities needed from the aspects of promoting themselves through Strip Clubs. Adult entertainment companies, production teams, distribution channels, and of course talent will be joining.