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50 Cent recently revealed how he felt about linking up with Timbaland.

Not only will the G-Unit Captain be working with Tim in the studio, they are also joining forces in business.

As announced earlier last week, Timbaland has also joined 50 Cent on his SMS Audio venture.

During an interview with DJ Whoo Kid, 50 Cent expressed how excited he was by the addition of Timbaland.

“That’s exciting, Tim wanting to come and get involved with SMS. Because now, he has ownership in the company,” said 50. “Equity ownership. It gives him the same incentive that I have in it moving forward and being successful.”

50 went on to mention his next drop Street King Immortal.

“I think that when people get a chance to hear the full body of work, [they'll think,] ‘Wow. He really put his back in it. He really put his work into this.”

“I put musical interludes on this album instead of a whole lot of talking and stuff like that,” added 50. “I made so much music, I just kinda want to get it out, get it off my chest.”

- By Fiona Guest

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