The Sex On The Beach Expo 2012 is finally here…

Dear Mom, please deposit money in my account because I can’t even get home:
I went to South Beach for Sex On The Beach Expo, I got tatted up, danced to house music, watched Gucci Mane judge a booty shaking contest, went to the home opener UM tailgate and took Jello Shots from a girl in Body Paint, and tried to bang a porn star, it didn’t work; however, she still let me take a picture with her. My life is pretty much complete, thank you “sex on the beach expo”.

So, September 28, 29, 30 2012
What’s in store for a weekend of:
SEX, SIN, SUN, SAND, SKATING and Scandal..?????

So you get the Sex on The Beach Expo launching the weekend of September 28-September 30th at the MBCC. The porn wars have begun with the new guys on the block chasing the old geezers, aka, Exxxotica out of town.

The creators of Sex On the Beach Expo (SOTB), after attending numerous porn events throughout the years realized that a game change was needed. No longer should these conventions be a “petting zoo for the porn stars” but instead a festival of all that is in and or on the fringe in pop culture. At entering the Miami Beach Convention Center your senses will be sand blasted with an intense dose of “business , bachanalia, beats and yes booty”.

On the “business” side before the doors SOTB is hosting the first ever wholesalers, retailers and buyers private B3B meeting from 1-3pm on Friday and Saturday with over 30,000+ invited buyers of club owners, 99 cent stores, gasoline stations, University head shops, adult DVD stores, and sexual toystores.

Once SOTB opens to the public you will witness spread out before you over 125,000+ square of feet of retail cash & carry you featuring every exotic and smoke product under the sun including the world’s largest hookah provided by Fantasia Tobacco.

Please take note than anyone in the community that provides information tools for safe sex, the importance of sexual protection, and any relief for HIV, Cancer or any additional sicknesses and health education will get a free booth by calling: 888 670 2404

Also, the 3 day pass is a pink ticket from Ticketmaster, for a reason. Portion of the proceeds from the $99 3-day pass will be provided to local cancer victims in Miami+Dade County.

On the “bachannalia” side, the legendary Leroy Griffith of Club Madonna will take over an entire VIP area for a 21 and over party where people will rave and booze until 4am with women from Club Madonna dancing and enjoying life. There is also a whole section dedicated to tattoos, fetish, swingers from Club Trapeze and Miami Velvet, alternative products and an entire row dedicated to erotic fashion and lingerie.

On the “beats” side artist such as Meek Mills, DJ Stevie J of YMCMB, Gucci Mane, DJ Drama, DMX, Christian Felero, DJ Cato K, Vinicio Rochelli, Amorosso, DJ Seizure, Streetkind, and many more will perform throughout the weekend on a massive stage created and built by the same people who bring you the world famous Tiesto World Tour, and audio and lighting by the same team that did events such as the Sweedish House. Mafia’s Mascarade Motels.

On 5pm, Saturday September 29th, Space Miami will join forces with SOTB Expo 2012 Miami for a pre-liftoff…day time event hosting major headlines to be announced. A bus will shuttle the Space goers to Club Space for After hours on the Terrace starting at 11pm.

And on the “booty” side renowned adult actresses Sarah Jay, Taylor Stevens, Kelly Divine, Diamond Kitty, Bidgette B, Zoe Gregory along with 50+ other naughty stars will circulate throughout the convention center all weekend. You can also feast your eyes and cheer on the Miss Latina Sex On The Beach contest, body painting, female oil wrestling and an assortment of tantalizing strippers pole dancing all day and night long, but don’t forget business.

Have we posted all of our sponsors on our website? The answer is NO, because every time we do, these jealous clowns from other venues call our clients to belittle us. Nobody has ever mixed an event with sex, smoke, music, entertainment, art, and the art of pop culture, but do it in a way where B2B and B2C can officially take place.

For the host hotel:
The Shelbourne Hotel is the official host hotel, that will kickoff the SOTB weekend on Thursday, September 27, 2012.

If you do leave the convention center….we suggest that you do not miss the following.

Friday night, TBD surprise location, hosts a “Party Like a Porn Star” weekend, with a surprise headliner DJ that’s going to shake the beats until 6am.

Saturday DAY TIME UM tailgate, home opener….hosted by local strip clubs and DJ Seizure BDay Bash, with a stripper pole hooked up to a Sex On The Beach truck.

On Saturday night Club Bamboo, in the iconic Paris Theatre will also host a The Official Sex On The Beach Expo After Party: “Le Theatre Du Desire II” hosted by: Bridgette B and Zoe Gregory, an evening featuring exotic dances, performances and scintillating sounds at Bamboo Miami on Washington Avenue.

Sunday wraps up a day-time Booty contest, judged by Gucci Mane, and a guest performance by DMX and Lil Wayne’ s Dedication 4 mixtape producer, DJ Drama.

The Sex on The Beach Expo promises to change the way you will view and experience an adult convention throughout the World. In fact it already has, as noted above the long running Exxxottica has packed their bags and will not hold another convention in Miami Beach. So, Porn wars over, doubt it…they keep attempting to destroy our name, and we keep building a larger house of entertainment, business, and fun, so we are going to Work Hard, and Play Harder, and we can’t wait to see the beautiful people of Miami enjoying a bad ass weekend of Pop Culture.

Porn Wars…or with time, just bad Taste?

So, imagine what it’s like to open up your closet and see a pair of Bongo wash-fade Jeans, a Bulls Starter Jacket, and a skidded pair of British Knights?

Sex On The Beach Expo, is more like your pair of D&G or Seven Jeans, but we also have PAIGE and JOES in the closet for work, with a TRUKFIT T-Shirt, and matching D&G sneakers, and with 3 pairs of YOJI YAMAMOTO and Y-3′s for back up (its ok Exxxotica if you must google that, we understand). We are a group where “quality” and “qualified” combine, with not only the entertainment, but also the popularity of today’s society, and what’s needed.

Let the porn war begin..? At Sex On The Beach Expo, we are opening a door that the “Porn World” really needs opened, little did we know the “Porn War” it would create.

You would think in a 6 BILLION DOLLAR A YEAR INDUSTRY, there would be enough to “puff+puff pass”…..and not worry about the roach in the ashtray.

What are we!? is the freshest, new, sexiest, rawest experience in the World. Ask around…not just Miami, but everyone knows about our event. We are here to stay ladies and gents, and have secured locations domestically and internationally, so let’s get down to cracking the opponents egos, although we are peaceful people….lol.

Those Bongo Jeans are Exxxotica, and the poor taste that they have created, with their cheesy pink carpets, older adult stars, boring announcers, “DJ Cheapo”, and the other countless seminars that nobody attends + never makes sense, are the smelly Starter jackets that used to be cool. Move out. Pack up, the new guys and gals are in town.

Those Starter jackets might be a great memory, but try wearing the “throwback” Chicago Bulls Starter Jacket in Aspen this Winter with the snowbunnys in the Lobby, and see if you get laid… pop culture is music, sex, swinging, smoke, and responsibility.
The responsibility portion is to always know and be responsible for what is true, and hip in our Pop Culture.

First our advice to Exxxotica, let’s let the pros, XBIZ, educate about internet traffic and porn, you guys need to FIRST get your music taste down (for starters), which we can start with a small consulting fee.

Secondly, stop with external promotions, its only making you look worse. You should see the emails that these guys have sent to our clients and exhibitors, using “Tommy Boy referrals” about trusting new people that will fail, and how we have no experience. What they don’t realize is that we have plenty of money to spend on production…more than enough connections…and we will never fail, so you should have done research before you “slandered” by saying: “ experience in producing live events”.

Lastly, let’s let September 28-30th, at the Miami Beach Convention Center be the judge of that. By calling our clients, only makes these supposed to be “pros” look less accountable for, and yes, people in the industry appreciate our Pop Culture Movement…to the degree that all cultures are doing back flips to see the surprises we have in store.

With over 90+ media companies registered, I am sure you will see our numbers, and feel some of our surprises.

We give local and famous talent the opportunity to shine AND combine with Celebs that have already made it, as we have the sexiest UP and COMING adult stars and web cam models in the industry…. But we are not a “petting zoo for Porn Stars”. We are all about building connections, and having fun.

What we are is, a combo of Skate, Fashion, Lingerie, Sex Toys, Tobacco Stores, B2B, Tattoo, Adult Lifestyle, Hip Hop, House Music, and a way to unite all communities, color, race, sexuality, and enjoy a weekend of business and pleasure.

Is it “slander” to call out people that have yet “slandered” us in emails, attacked our website with Viruses, as the legal problems can go on and on. We are assuming the “cheese ball attorney groups” will think they have a case, and maybe their offices have hot pink carpets in their offices also, but what will those same attorneys think of the email from: (if you need it we can fwd it to you so you have your proof)

From: “” dated 6/6/2012 named: “Chicago, New Jersey, and Tommy Boy”, where the sales team 3X and Exxxotica “slanders” the “different so-called adult events popping up” and that “if we take a dump and mark it guaranteed…ya might wanna think about buying a quality product”.

Well you know what’s quality? A production and lighting team that hosted Mascarade Motel with Swedish House Mafia, and produced Tiesto’s World Tour. An after party at Bamboo Miami as an official party location, which is the most prestigious new venue in South Beach, with utter class and decoration, where and Brazzers After Dark hosted a party with Sex On The Beach Expo that explored Ibiza style fashion, sexual experiences, and a Burlesque evening of class, and hundreds of thousands of dollars of DomP and PJ, if “Tommy Boy” knows what that even stands for.

We have teamed up with Space Miami, to launch the 1st annual “Ibiza2Miami” Direct Flight, showcasing International talent sensations, prior to their journey to Space Miami for after hours, as the club goers get the day party experience….with pornstars dancing to the deep jungle beats and latin infused percussion, yet with the powerhouse effects of a daytime party.

What’s quality? Making money, making connections, being humble and still having fun. This is OUR model for growth at Sex On The Beach Expo.

But when people attempt to ruin names, the humble stops, so let the numbers speak.

At this point, we have moved the entire industry into “check mate”. You know, the actual owners are waking up, looking in the mirror saying, wait a minute…”Maybe we should book Naughty By Nature for our NJ Show to be as cool as Sex On The Beach”…guess what, we started it, so anything that you do, even mixing smoke, hookah, skate, sex, and B2B will only look worse on your part, especially when you start using Hip Hop artists. This is our model, so when you copy it, you only hurt yourself.

On our main stage, we have CONFIRMED TALENT:

Meek Mill, DMX, Gucci Mane, YMCMB, DJ Drama, DJ WhoIsStevieJ, DJ Epps, DJ Entice, Maybach Latino, DJ Seizure, and many more. We have teamed up with Space Miami for the Saturday “pre-Space” Ibiza2Miami Direct Flight DayParty with DJ CatoK, DJ Vinicio Rochelli, DJ Christian Fallero, and DJ Amoroso who are rocking #Beats4UrCulo, an amazing trend from NYC to MIA.

Lastly, we represent STREETKIND, the local Miami, bad-ass JAH Rastsa band, who will give Sublime a run for their money in the next 24 months. The group fits our culture, and will be with us on all of our US tours (and maybe even International) Oh yeah, the 30 foot Hookahs (actually informed as 28 foot Hookahs) will provide Hookah lovers from all over the components of amazing flavored hookah tobacco. Look for the exclusive lounge the weekend of the 28th-30th!

So, when people from King of Diamonds and people from Space Miami, are all under one presence, and swingers are booking tables in open format clubs such as Bamboo, enjoying women at Club Madonna, or just attending and making Miami a success, then we know we did OUR job, especially if they are enjoying the music, sexuality, products, fashion, and sensual capability of SOTB Expo Miami.

Get the spark back in your relationships, and let’s make love together!

What would be our wish or dream for the weekend? If TRUKFIT and Lil Wayne stopped by on September 28, (a day after his 31st birthday on 9.27.2012) and let Meek Mill, DJ Who Is Stevie J, and “31″ body painted strippers and porn stars representing his age, present him a bday cake and allow him to “skate in peace” on our ramp, while the porn stars cheered him on. Just let us know Weezy, so we can get the cake ready.

On a educational level, we also teamed up with ICM Registry / .XXX which prevents younger kids, Under 18 Years of Age, to get onto adult sites. This is a genius creation that can truly lead to the smoke, sex, and exotic worlds of the World Wild Web. .XXX is excited to be the power behind the upcoming “Sex on the Beach Expo” in Miami Beach, Florida.  “The opportunity for us to support a new event with fresh ideas is a great way to showcase .XXX domains and continue to drive traffic to developed .XXX sites,” said Vice President, Steve Winyard.  .XXX will be revealing the new search engine for porn, WWW.SEARCH.XXX, at the Sex on the Beach Expo.  “Mainstream search engines are increasing filters to block ADULT content. is the new search engine dedicated to adult content.  Consumers will find the most relevant results with added search tools including mobile optimization, multiple languages, and sexual preference categories.”

At Sex On The Beach Expo, we are combining the facets of Adult Entertainment, but add the B2B component, each day from 1pm-3pm. This gives wholesalers, retailers, buyers, and manufacturers the opportunity to SPEED NETWORK prior to the doors even opening.

Next stop for SOTB……..mmm….Brazil.

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